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6 Tishrei 5784 / September 21, 2023

 לע"נ יוסף חיים בן אליהו זצ"ל בעל בן איש חי נפטר י"ג אלול

Rabbi Eli Stefansky

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Rabbi Eli Stefansky was raised in New York and Bnei Brak. A graduate of some of the finest yeshivos both in Israel and the States, he learned for a while after his marriage, before successfully entering the real estate business. His Daf Yomi shiurim are streamed live every morning and is watched by participants around the globe, who write in with questions and comments. Eli also began delivering the “8 Minute Shiur” – a review of the day’s Daf in only 8 minutes. This has become extremely popular as well and is watched for both preparation and review.
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