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14 Sivan 5784 / junio 20, 2024

 לע"נ רבי יצחק בן יעקב זצ"ל אבוחצירה נפטר י"ד שבט

Rabbi Shimon Spitzer

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Rabbi Shimon Spitzer,
a dynamic maggid shiur renowned for taking the most difficult concept and explaining it so clearly anyone will understand, is a rising star in the world of teaching Torah. Thousands of people tune into his exciting shiurim every day, which touch on subjects varying from “DNA in halachah” to how best to remember one’s learning or the mystical meaning behind Lecha Dodi. A daf yomi maggid shiur, Rabbi Spitzer was previously a yeshivah gedolah maggid shiur in Yeshivah Beis Aharon V’Yisroel of Yerushalayim. He uses his analytical mind to plumb the depths of chassidus and convey to listeners every day how to blend it in to their daily lives. Regular listeners to Rabbi Spitzer’s “Lomdos V’Chassidus” say that their lives have changed since they started. His clarity and charm has made Rabbi Spitzer an electrifying addition to the global lecture circuit. For speaking engagements, feedback and other inquiries please call or email [email protected]
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