Gam Zoom Letova
15 Sivan 5784 / June 21, 2024

 לע"נ רבי יצחק בן יעקב זצ"ל אבוחצירה נפטר י"ד שבט


Tora Zoom is an organization of two friends from Mexico, New York, who saw the need for their friends and family to be able to see the conferences that were taking place in their community. in the time of the pandemic

At Torah Zoom, we record Torah lectures that are given around the world and upload the footage to our website for the whole world to see, free of charge. Since our founding, we have received more and more requests for videos of Torah lectures led by Jewish speakers and rabbis, and the website has been growing steadily ever since.

Torah Zoom currently has over 15,000 Torah videos from over 150 different Speakers. We record and publish up to 100 lectures per week, and receive close to 100,000 weekly  visits from over 50 countries, and these statistics are growing rapidly as we speak. We are proud to say that over 93,500,000 hours of Torah are learned each year through!


We are committed to our beloved viewers/listeners to make your learning experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.